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Prague, Czechia

Weather: ~19-23 °C, rainy time to time – this is unusual, typically it is warmer

Timing: First weekend of August

4 full days to get the gist was good, bet there was plenty more to discover

Heart of Central Europe and one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities on the continent.

City is a blend of various architectural styles, including Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau. Some of the most iconic landmarks include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and St. Vitus Cathedral.

And the old town is huge, we felt we can walk through these streets all 4 days straight and it would still be something to see.

Public transportation is efficient, although we did not use it and walked around all the time, its really worth to skip sitting in tram or metro (unless you are commuting further) and walk around with your head up.

English is widely spoken in tourist areas and by younger generations which also made travel easier.

Weather conditions fell into a week of rain in entire Europe, but usually, during the summer, Prague is pretty warm and touristy so I would suggest start or end of summer if you wish to avoid that and walk more freely through all the attractions.

Museum is dedicated to showcasing the history and development of science, technology, and industry. It is one of the largest institutions of its kind in Europe and plays a significant role in preserving and presenting the Czech Republic’s technological heritage.

Permanent exhibitions are divided into different thematic areas, each highlighting a specific aspect of technological progress. It a lot there and everything is put in a very visual way, so highly recommend planning at least 2-3 full hours if not more.

We waited in line for ~10 minutes and bought tickets inside just before the visit.